What we Support

The RGR Cell is mandated to enhance the quality of life in rural communities through support in agriculture which is the main source of livelihood in rural areas. The two essential steps for using agriculture as a vehicle of livelihood enhancement involve (i) development of new agro technologies and (ii) their adoption by farming communities.

Thus, the RGR Cell operates, with due attention at these two levels i.e. “Researchable or exploratory activities for identification of appropriates agro technologies,” and “Outreach for popularisation of such technologies for adoption” among the farming communities. Our technical partners in Punjab and Tamil Nadu are the respective State Agricultural Universities. For field operations, RGR has tied up with the State Departments and International Organisations such as WWF as implementation partners.  

We would like to explore opportunities to collaboratively work with organisations having a similar mandate and working/keen to work in Punjab and Tamil Nadu. If you have a project, which is within our mandate, please submit your Project proposal on our website or Contact Us at our office in Ludhiana, Punjab and/or Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.