Please ensure that your organisation

Please ensure that your organisation has the following details, prior to submitting a project proposal to RGR Cell

  • Project proposal outlining (i) RGR Thematic area which the project is relevant to; (ii) Key activities to be undertaken; and (iii) Expected Outcomes/Impact 
  • Legible photocopy of the Registration Certificate under the Societies Act, or the Bombay Public Trust Act or the Indian Trusts Act.
  • Photocopy of PAN/GIR Card.
  • Exemption certificate u/s 80-G or u/s 35 or u/s 35 CCA of the Income Tax Act. (In case the application for exemption is being processed by the I.T, please send a copy of your application, with an acknowledgement from the concerned I.T. Department)
  • Audited statement of accounts, along with all Schedules, for the past two financial years
  • Statement of assets owned and approximate value (Land, Building, equipment, vehicles (cars/ambulance/bus/etc.), office equipment (computers, photocopier, etc.), any others including donations/gifts received in kind.
  • Statement of Corpus Fund (for past 3 financial years)
  • Annual Report or annual progress report of the past year.